2000 - now
Working for West Consulting BV as Technical Director.

2010 - 2013
Chairman of the Overture Language Board.

2010 - now
Organiser of various workshops related to software engineering and formal methods, amongst which: FormaliSE (part of ICSE 2013, ICSE 2014 and ICSE 2015), FormSERA (part of ICSE 2012), the 10th Overture workshop, (part of FM 2012), and the 8th Overture Workshop. Tutorial Chair of FM 2011 (Limerick, Ierland, juni 2011).

2009 - 2011
Representative of Formal Methods Europe at SCORE, part of ICSE 2009 (Vancouver) and ICSE 2011 (Hawaii).

Webmaster of Zengroep Rotterdam.

1990 - 2009
Secretary of Formal Methods Europe.

Actor in the Dutch TV reality series "Wie is de mol?" All episodes can be viewed here.

1992 - 2000
Consultant for IT company Capgemini.

Organiser of the “Tools Exhibition and Applications Forum” at FM'99: “The World Conference on Formal Methods”

1987 - 1997
Member of the international standardisation committee for VDM-SL (ISO/IEC/JTC1/SC22/WG19) and the Dutch programming language standardisation committee.

1988 - 1991
Co-founder and editor of the Dutch GLBT magazine for youngsters: Expreszo.